First of all, what is HIFU Ultraformer 3?

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is advanced technology in the market for non-invasive facial lifting. It uses ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen growth same as Ultherapy, similar to Thermage, but different. So how does it compare?

HIFU ultraformer 3 v thermage v ultherapy

What is Thermage?

To keep things simple, think of Thermage as the earliest of all three machines – it uses radio frequency energy to generate energy to stimulate collagen production.

First ever approved skin tightening device since 2002, Thermage makes use of patented monopolar radiofrequency to deliver heat to the deeper dermis layers (up to 3.0mm). This aids in smoothening out fine lines and stimulating more collagen production at the treated area.

How long is Thermage Treatment?

Treatment is usually 1-2 hours long. Numbing cream is usually applied to reduce sensations on the treatment areas.

What does Thermage treat?

Thing to note : While Thermage is FDA approved, it is FDA-approved for wrinkles but not skin-tightening. Thermage is able to target up to 3.0mm depth of the skin.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a non-surgical face tightening treatment and is approved by the FDA for skin lifting.. Unlike Thermage, it uses microscopic ultrasound energy waves to stimulate collagen-production. Ultherapy machine is also the only machine in the market that allows for real-time imaging.

How long is Ultherapy?

Treatment usually lasts about 1-2 hours and numbing cream is often applied, to reduce sensations on the treatment areas.

What does Ultherapy treat?

Ultherapy is FDA-approved for skin tightening. It targets up to 4.5mm depth of the skin.

What is HIFU?

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and Ultherapy both use ultrasound energy – like the former, it stimulates collagen production too.

While all technologies are effective at stimulating collagen production, The Aesthetics Firm prefers ultrasound energy. This is because Ultrasound energy is better at delivering energy to the deeper layers of the skin and to the muscle layer – while protecting the skin at the point of contact! Making it ideal for our customers who prefer something more comfortable while still delivering a good efficacy.

What this means for you : Lower risk of burns!

How long does Ultraformer 3 take?

Our HIFU treatment usually takes no longer than 1.5 hours. As Ultraformer 3 gives very little sensation, we only apply numbing cream upon client requests.

What does Ultraformer 3 treat?

HIFU is Korean FDA, Europe CE, and HSA Singapore approved. It targets up to 4.5mm depth of the skin.

So, now HIFU Ultraformer 3 or Ultherapy?

Since Thermage is more effective on reducing fine lines, it would not be very effective in facial lifting. So let’s compare HIFU and Ultherapy.

Ultraformer 3; A re-imagined ultrasound treatment

Our Hifu Ultraformer 3 cartridges

The usual depths of treatment are 1.5mm – treatment of Superficial Dermis, 3.0mm – treatment of Dermis and 4.5mm treatment of SMAS. Ultraformer 3 offers more depths cartridges and at The Aesthetics Firm, we offer an additional treatment depth of 2.0mm – perfect for delicate areas like the upper-eye region!

Also, Ultraformer 3 has a treatment width of 10mm while Ultherapy has a treatment width of 1mm. This means that Ultraformer 3 is able to apply 10 lines at once, compared to Ultherapy’s 1 line at a time. As it is important to go over the treatment region uniformly in order to get optimal results, Ultraformer 3 would be more effective in better in reducing fine lines and stimulating collagen production at the SMAS layer.

Hifu Ultraformer 3 MF2, 2.0mm

Usually, harder to reach areas like eyelid, under-eye and laugh lines can be harder to treat. This led to the introduction of the MF2, which is better at getting into those deeper folds and layers. Designed especially for fine lines and wrinkles, MF2 will help reduce lines in sensitive and shallow regions, thanks to the narrow focus and precision.

MF2 is also gentle enough to delivery energy at the upper and under-eye regions! By being able to deliver ultrasound energy directly at the surface of such areas, we are able to target concerns like fine lines and eye lid sagging effectively.

What this means for you : HIFU Ultraformer 3 offers more treatment regions than Ultherapy!

HIFU Ultraformer 3 is also engineered with precision.

Hifu Ultraformer 3 Micro and Macro Focused Ultrasound

MMFU-powered cartridges are designed to transfer both concentrated and stable ultrasound energy into the focal region.

Ultraformer 3

Unlike other technologies, Ultraformer 3 is designed to treat focal regions without damaging the surrounding regions.

What this means for you : HIFU Ultraformer 3 has minimal downtime.

In Summary,

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