The Bane of Acne: Scars

Has anyone ever felt insecure about acne scars? Acne bumps and lesions are just so hard to cover with makeup. Even with good skills, texture is something makeup can never hide. You know what is the hardest to deal with? Pock-marked acne scars. Even angry bumps and cysts can be flattened the cheap (but painful) way. But with depressed scars? It is nearly impossible with regular topical products.

Mild Cystic Acne Scar & Lesions

While Retinol exists, it is a fact that not every skin type can tolerate the treatment well. For some, the downtime is just too much to bear. 

Pockmark Acne Scars

Side effects like dryness, irritation, peeling and the routine of religiously applying retinol can be too much of a hassle for many busy ladies out there.

And what about other acne-prone areas? Especially for the more active, back acne can be one of the more common acne sites and also one of the most unreachable areas.

What if you can go from acne-prone to …


*Enter Secret RF Treatment*

Secret RF has long since been identified as a highly effective treatment for acne scars. The 30 mins treatment (excluding the skin prep and pampering) is a seamless option for healing of prominent acne scars. 

Common Acne Spots

Using 2MHz bi-polar radiofrequency energy and microneedles to lightly penetrate the skin, Secret RF’s allows for a unique and customized delivery of energy while minimizing damage to the skin.

Rf energy is induced under precise control at a selectively adjustable depth ranging from between 0.5mm to 3.5mm through patented non-insulated micro-needles. At a higher heat setting, it is able to stimulate fibroblasts in both subdermal and dermal layers, thus providing a customised dermal remodelling effectively. We are even able to treat darker skins at  a low risk of side effects and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

Secret RF even offers invasive and non-invasive options to suit your tolerance levels and treatment areas! There are a total of 3 kinds Secret RF treatments :

Secret RF Applicable Treatment Regions

Each treatment differs in the type of needle used,

SECRET RF MEDICAL RF, non-invasive (for Face)


Secret RF offers an extensive range of cartridges for the face region.


Usually used on bigger body areas like the back, the 64 pin cartridge can be used on Treatment Areas like Face, Neck, Chest, and Body.

Treament Area : 17.5*17.5(mm)

The high speed hand-piece for faster needle motion techniques allows for a more efficient and precise treatment when combined with both standard and 64pin cartridge. 

If you’re wondering about downtimes and treatment intervals,


Treatment frequency : Once every 3-4 weeks, best paired with Hydrafacial.

Downtime : None, instead its Uptime – seeing instant lifting of the skin!

Who is Ideal : Patients suffering from eyebags or patients who seek a skin tightening, skin lifting or jaw slimming.

SECRET RF Microneedling and Contouring (for Face)

Treatment frequency : Once every month

Downtime : only 1-3 days

Who is Ideal : Patients suffering from acne scars and eyebags or patients who seek a skin tightening, skin lifting or jaw slimming.

SECRET RF Microneedling and Contouring (for Body)

Treatment frequency : Once every month

Downtime : only 3-5 days

Who is Ideal : Treatment is ideal for patients who suffer from cellulite, stretch marks, surgical scars or for patients who want a breast lift.

The Aesthetics Firm offers other skin rejuvenation treatment options like HEBE Skinbooster, HIFU Ultraformer 3, Laser, Injectable and Chemical Peels. Have you checked them out? For the full range of Face & Body aesthetics treatments, head over to Face Aesthetics and Body Aesthetics for a quite overview of everything!

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