HEBE: The All-In-One Skin Treatment With The Formulation Of Rejuran And More, To Improve Ageing & Dull Skin

The HEBE Skin Booster is designed so that you can enjoy a combination of treatments all at once – leaving you with lifted, glowy & baby-like skin. ONLY available at The Aesthetics Firm.

From $100/ml only

Medical-Grade Skin Booster Treatment


dr stephen chu

Developed by Dr. Stephen Chu of The Aesthetics Firm, HEBE is created for people who would like a combination of treatments done at once.Our HEBE signature cocktail serum is created with the formulation of Rejuran PLUS 50+ different:

    • Vitamins
    • Minerals
    • Nucleic Acids
    • Skin Booster
    • And Provides Anti-oxidant Protection

Dr Stephen Chu 

    • Bachelor of Science at McGill University
    • Medicine, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland with Honours
    • 6 years in the Plastic Surgery Department, Ireland and Singapore

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Achieve The Benefits Of Rejuran And More

We all know of Rejuran as the skin-booster treatment that heals the skin and reduce signs of ageing. This is due to the Polynucleotide (PN) substance that can be found in Rejuran.

With HEBE, we want to help you a reap the skin healing benefits of Rejuran and top it off with the:

    • Brightening & Whitening of Dull Skin – Achieve Glass Like Glow
    • Deep Hydration – Get Baby Smooth Skin
    • Anti-Oxidant Protection For Longer Lasting Results

It is an all-encompassing injection that targets all your skin problems at once!
HEBE involves small micro injections across the face that can be done manually or by machine.
The treatment requires 3ml injection to the face, once every 2 weeks for 4 sessions. Subsequently, you can decide to do maintenance every 4-6 weeks (optional).

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