Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery

From bothersome lumps to persistent scars, we understand the frustration these skin conditions can bring. Whether it’s a painful cyst, a stubborn scar, or a trigger finger hindering your movement, our team at The Aesthetics Firm is here to help.

With expertise in dermatology and skin surgery, our doctors provide personalized consultations and recommend the most suitable treatments for your specific condition.


Various types of lumps may exist on your face and body. They can become unsightly or cause various symptoms such as pain, itchiness, bleeding, or even increase in size. You may have tried various alternative therapies but to no success the annoying lump remains. These are best treated when they are small, painless, and not infected. However depending on location and size they can be difficult to remove. Examples of different types of cyst include: epidermal cysts, sebaceous cysts, and abscesses.

At The Aesthetics Firm, our doctors will consult and advise on the most appropriate action that should be taken. Ranging from biopsy, complete excision, or even simple continuous observational follow-up. It is important to let our doctors review your condition and form an appropriate action plan.


Scarring is a natural and final process for all wounds whether it’s from surgery, trauma, or chronic medical conditions. Some can be unsightly and most patients wish they would just go away. Scars range from mild scarring, to hypertrophic scar, to keloid scarring.

Most patients will tend to give up after trials of expensive skincare products. There are many ways to treat scars. It is worth your time to consult us to see if a treatment is suitable for your scar. Treatment ranges from injections, laser, and to minor surgery – known as scar revision.


Many people experience various joint pains throughout their life. Whether it be at the elbow, wrist, knees, shoulders, or feet they can be quite debilitating and affect your daily work and lifestyle.

Patients may have had a trial / combination of medications, physiotherapy, and acupuncture but to no success. After consulting with our doctor steroid injection maybe a solution to your problem.

Commonly known as H&L (hydrocortisone & lidocaine) this comprises a combination of local anesthetic and a steroid. Results from these injection range as quickly as 2 weeks to 6 weeks, depending on severity.


There are many different types of moles and they can occur anywhere on the body. Generally speaking they can be broken down to cancerous and non-cancerous. Defining features range from changing in size, shape, color, bleeding and pain. However, never assume a mole is benign based on the fact that they don’t bother you or don’t have any symptoms. The aforementioned characteristics can apply to non-cancerous or cancerous moles.

It is very important that any mole you notice on your body to have it reviewed by a doctor who has intimate knowledge of the skin. At The Aesthetics Firm we are able to perform biopsy, excision and wide excision of the mole and to send it to our laboratories for analysis to find out exactly what type of mole you have.


This condition occurs when one of the fingers “locks up”. The condition gradually makes the patient extremely difficult to extend or keep his fingers straight after having the hand in a fist position or having difficult flexing the finger back to its original position.

Usually this condition occurs due to over use of the hand, e.g. repeated carrying of heavy grocery bags or even something as common as repeated wringing of wet towels.

Treatments for trigger finger range from medications, steroid injection, or even minor surgery.


There are certain instances when you notice a fluid-like swelling on the knees and elbows, especially after injury such as a sprain. Although generally harmless, they can create a sense of instability in your knees or elbows.

Treatment for this includes drainage of the fluid for relief. They usually resolve after a few weeks however some can be stubborn, take longer or persist even.

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