About Us

The Aesthetics Firm by Aquila Medical was the inspiration and created by Dr. Stephen Chu. It is our goal to give patients the most honest, reliable, and competent treatments available in the health industry today.

Our mission is to ensure that patients are healthy on the inside and outside. We are honest and serious about your health and how we can achieve what you desire. We understand that in today’s world, life can be quite stressful. The Aesthetics Firm can provide you the sense of well-being, radiating confidence with poise for all occasions. We ensure that the clients’ expectations are met and most importantly satisfied with their results.

Please don’t hesitate to drop by to enquire more information or even drop by to relax in our lounge area for some light refreshments and drinks. Everyone is welcome always.

dr stephen chu

Our Doctor

Dr. Stephen Chu comes from a very diversified and international background. Born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada and trained in Europe and Singapore, he has had experiences with different backgrounds and culture around the world. Dr. Stephen Chu started his journey by earning his Bachelors of Science at McGill University in Montreal, Canada majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience. He subsequently went on to study medicine and graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2009 with honours. Afterwards, during his basic surgical training he did his thesis on management of burn wounds for his Master of Surgery program in Ireland. He spent 1 year rotating in General Surgery and Urology, followed by another 6 years attached to Plastic Surgery Department in Ireland and Singapore. His last couple of years prior to establishing The Aesthetics Firm was spent on aesthetics and experiencing with the private sector and their needs. He has attended multiple international plastic and aesthetic conferences around the world throughout his time.

Dr. Stephen sits on the board of directors for the GlobalHealth Quality & Innovation Accreditation (GHQIA) accreditation authority specialised in Asia, for Clinics and Hospitals, and in the advocacy of Innovative Practices to drive continuous improvements in quality care.

Having a rich and diverse background, The Aesthetics Firm is proud to have Dr. Stephen Chu on-board as an internationally experienced doctor in the field of aesthetics, minor surgery and wound care.

The Aesthetics Firm Logo

Our Logo

This bold geometric design is an abstract representation of eagles’ wings in flight. It aims to evoke beauty through its symmetry and precision through its mathematical accuracy – two elements that are fundamental to aesthetic surgery.

The curved lines are arranged such that there is a sense of motion, conveying change or transformation – something that every client of The Aesthetics Firm by Aquila Medical will hope to experience.