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Wound Care

At The Aesthetics Firm we are able to closely observe / monitor, apply the most effective dressing, and treat complications relating to your surgery, minor or major, and accommodate to your travelling needs.


One of the most important aspects of surgery is looking after the wound post-operatively. The surgery has gone well, however if proper post-operative care is not religiously attended to, complications can occur. Such as wound breakdown, infection, bleeding, swelling, and most importantly poor wound healing, resulting in unsightly scarring.


Wound care is not limited to just post-surgery patients. People who were involved in a trauma such as from diving, road-traffic accidents, trips and falls, abrasions can all convert and become into ulcers. Careful care starts immediately after the accident. Neglect of the wound can cause further problems in the future. Aside from aesthetic issues, functionality may be impacted.

At The Aesthetics Firm we have a variety of dressings that is tailored to you for optimal recovery.


Burns are common accidents that can occur with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Various forms of burns include, fire, scalding by hot water or oil, chemical burns, electrical burns, cement burns, and even road traffic accident such as friction burns.

The first advice with any burn is to place the injured area under warm water for 5 minutes continuously. The second is to seek medical attention immediately and to ensure appropriate dressings are applied and possible debridement may be required.

Our clinic provides a wide range of burn dressings and treatment. Close follow-up initially is required. If not properly treated initially, even the smallest and lightest burns can take up to months to heal and leaving an unpleasing scar.


Ever wonder why certain wounds are just stubborn and just won’t heal? That is because these wounds are potentially caused by underlying chronic conditions.

Wound care for chronic conditions include diabetic foot ulcers, chronic venous ulcers, and bed sores. These are difficult to treat and require time and patience from the patients and doctor. We provide various treatment plans, dressings, and devices to ensure the optimal recovery time.


Scarring is a natural and final process for all wounds whether it’s from surgery, trauma, or chronic medical conditions. Some can be unsightly and most patients wish they would just go away. Scars range from mild scarring, to hypertrophic scar, to keloid scarring.

Most patients will tend to give up after trials of expensive skincare products. There are many ways to treat scars. It is worth your time to consult us to see if a treatment is suitable for your scar. Treatment ranges from injections, laser, and to minor surgery – known as scar revision.

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