Picosecond Laser Hair Removal (1064/532)

Achieve Smooth, Hair-Free Skin with Picosecond Laser Hair Removal (1064/532)

Experience long-lasting results with our advanced Picosecond Laser technology.

What is Picosecond Laser Hair Removal (1064/532)?

Picosecond laser hair removal utilizes ultra-short pulses of light energy (picoseconds) to target and destroy the hair follicle at its root. The 1064nm wavelength effectively targets melanin in darker hair, while the 532nm wavelength tackles finer, lighter hair. This dual wavelength approach ensures a broader spectrum of hair removal.

How Does it Work?

  1. The laser beam penetrates the skin.
  2. The 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths target pigment (melanin) within the hair follicle.
  3. The targeted energy heats and destroys the follicle, hindering future hair growth.


Facial Hair Removal Treatment 2

Risks and Side Effects

Picosecond laser hair removal is generally safe when performed by a qualified professional. However, some potential side effects include:
A consultation with a licensed practitioner is crucial to assess your suitability and minimize any potential risks.

Ready to Experience Smoother Skin?

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