Medical RF

Medical RF

Microneedling Contouring (for Face)
Medical Radiofrequency | Microneedling & Contouring

Secret RF Medical Radiofrequency (RF)

Medical RF mode is the non-invasive version of the Secret RF treatment. 

Take each session as a therapeutic and relaxing one as we work our magic to lift and tighten your skin from beneath the surface. Leave the clinic with skin tighter and lifted. Treatment available for both Face & Body!

The end results?

  • Results in one session!
  • Lift Saggy Skin, all without surgery!
  • Perfect treatment for pre-Events especially when paired with Hydrafacial

Secret RF Medical RF

Medical RF mode is the non-invasive version of the Secret RF treatment which delivers 2MHz radiofrequency energy into sub and deep dermal layer to stimulate collagen. Have your skin visibly lifted in one session!

Medical RF tip
Medical RF Body

Main Benefits at a Glance

Frequently Asked Questions!

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Treatment frequency : Once every 3-4 weeks, best paired with Hydrafacial.
Downtime : None

Patients suffering from eyebags or patients who seek a skin tightening, skin lifting or jaw slimming.

  • Face Regions like cheeks 
  • Forehead,
  • Eye region and
  • Double Chin
  • Secret RF is also available in the non-invasive Microneedling & Contouring (for Face) and the Microneedling & Contouring (for Body)

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