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Facial Rejuvenation Clinic Of The Year Asia Pacific 2023

The Aesthetics Firm is proud be recognised with facial rejuvenation clinic of the year award. A Singapore based clinic helmed by Dr. Stephen Chu who consults patients from around the world, with a focus on Asians, sees an apparent shift in the traditional aesthetics paradigm. The once trendy exaggerated looks of removing all wrinkles, exaggerated volumizing lips, or sharp chin contour have started to take a step back. In the past recent years, the demand has shifted to maintaining a more natural look. Subtle changes is the name of the game. For example, leaving a few forehead lines or customizing where forehead lines should be with the use of precise botox injections or subtle enhancements of the nose bridge or even maintaining a healthier hydrated skin has become more trending and in demand in particular with Asians.

Facial rejuvenation as an important service shows to our patients and to esteem colleagues how the aesthetic industry demands are in a constant motion of change. Adaption to the demands of the patients, awareness of new therapeutic products, upkeep of doctor’s training are some of the key factors for a continual success of any clinic and most importantly patient education.

Facial rejuvenation encompasses a myriad of treatments. It is the combination of treatments and usage of various tools that ensures a proper rejuvenated face without an ostentatious change. “Humblebrag” is the applied terminology.

“Less is more. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

These popular idioms are critical to facial rejuvenation. Combination treatments not only achieve better results but also have interactions within themselves. Subtle dosages, correct placement and product choice are important in determining the outcome to a successful facial rejuvenation. For example, a clinician maybe equipped to augment a nose bridge or chin or cheeks via filler, threads, or even surgery, but the outcome would be less desirable in comparison to a clinician who adds subtle changes to all parts of the face including the skin. You may use all 1ml of filler to the nose bridge vs using 0.3mls to nose bridge, 0.3ml to chin, 0.4mls to both cheeks. The latter would yield a much pleasant facial aesthetic result overall in comparison to enhancing the nose bridge solely with 1ml of filler.

Facial rejuvenation is not just injecting various toxins, fillers, serums, vitamins etc. The patient’s skincare routine, daily routine and habits play a long-term critical role. It’s the whole package. The package demands time, effort and most importantly patience for results. Nothing comes easy. Discussing with your doctor a proper plan for facial rejuvenation is a keystone step to towards “anti-aging”.

Quality matters.

There are many brands in the industry. You pay for what you get. Keep in mind you are injecting various solutions into your face and skin. You only deserve the best. Likewise, don’t be fooled by marketing but do your research in determining which product is effective. A particular product whether it be skincare or injectables maybe suited for your friend, but it does not translate to being effective for you necessarily.

Patience is a virtue.

Self-explanatory. No matter what product and how many injections you do there is no fast quick results. Take your time. Long-term lasting results are always more valuable than short-term ones.  

Love thy self.

Lastly and the most important remember facial rejuvenation is a journey. Enjoy the ride. Persistency and consistency is your ticket to maintaining that beautiful face of yours.

This article is written by Dr. Stephen Chu

The Aesthetics Firm