Minor Surgery


Various types of lumps may exist on your face and body. They can become unsightly or cause various symptoms such as pain, itchiness, bleeding, or even increase in size.

Tried various alternative therapies?

You may have tried various alternative therapies but to no success the annoying lump remains. These are best treated when they are small, painless, and not infected. However depending on location and size they can be difficult to remove.

Examples of Cysts

Examples of different types of cyst include: epidermal cysts, sebaceous cysts, and abscesses.

Our Doctors with Consult and Advise

At Aquila Medical, our doctors will consult and advise on the most appropriate action that should be taken. Ranging from biopsy, complete excision, or even simple continuous observational follow-up. It is important to let our doctors review your condition and form and appropriate action plan.